If You Really Want to Know....About Leanne



Lee or Lee Lee

Favorite Food?


Favorite Movie?

A League of Their Own

Favorite TV Show?

Friends, Outlander, Yellowstone and I enjoy some ridiculous, mindless trash tv!

Favorite Vacation Destination?

Hawaii + Napa

Celebrity Crush?

Hemsworths (either one!), Ryan Reynolds + Rip Wheeler (he's real in my mind)

Best Quality?

Loyal, sometimes to a fault, but nonetheless, LOYAL to myself and to the people I love!

Worst Quality?

I'm extremely empathetic. I don't always see it as bad, but it has led to some hard lessons! I'm also an over thinker, so combined with my ambition, it leads to lots of good, but can be overwhelming...my AAM girls can vouch for it!

If your friends had to describe you in 3 words, what would they say?

I actually asked my friends this to see what they would say....I'll leave just the appropriate ones here: witty, loyal + creative.

Proudest accomplishment so far in life?

While I question my mom-ing skills daily, I'm proud that I have raised 2 happy + healthy kids, even through some really hard times. Of course, I'm also proud to be a small business owner and be able to do what I truly love!

What would an ideal, average day look like?

Ideal? Sleep in, go to the gym, work from a pool side lounger with a pizza + cocktail, while my kids play together, peacefully. Host a fun, AAM Live Sale that sells out in minutes. Then, get glammed up for a fun dinner and drinks with all of my closest friends. I would end my night in my favorite sweatpants reading a book or watching some TV. Ideally. :) 

How do you like spending your free time?

Free time? What is that? When I do manage to find free time, I like to travel, go to concerts, read a good book, go to the gym, cook, paint, any outdoor activity (especially if it is on or near the water) or just spend time with friends and family!

#1 on your bucket list?

Travel to Greece!....and a full tattoo sleeve when I qualify for AARP. Sorry, Mom.

Best or most memorable birthday you have ever had?

I have the BEST family + friends so I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed every birthday celebration, from my huge Sweet 16 to my big, 30th celebration in Biloxi to my wild, crazy surprise party 2 years ago!

A time that made you feel old?

Every time I bend, squat or move too quickly and everything cracks, crunches or pops! Although, I did have one of my kids ask recently if I had "colored TV" when I was little!!!?! 

Do you have a weird talent?

My arms are double jointed so they do a weird twist-y thing!

Your go-to dance move?

A solid shoulder shimmy or head bop when I'm feeling the music, but you know I'm feeling like a dancing queen and probably need to be taken off the dance floor once my hands go straight up in the air and do ALL the dance moves! 

Most awkward moment?

For my first pregnancy, my water broke on someone's couch at a kid's birthday party.

Best prank you ever pulled?

I'm terrible at pranks!!!! They make me nervous, but I did try one a few years ago on my Mom. We were on a girls' trip and my cousin and I called my Mom after she went back to the hotel room to go to bed. We told her I was in jail. She said, "I'm going back to bed."....and then hung up on us. Thanks, Mom!

If you could create a group/club for anything, what would it be?

What's for Dinner Club. A group that tells each other what to cook for dinner because my family can not seem to figure it out.

Worst hair decision you ever made?

This one is my Mom's fault, but she let me cut my naturally curly hair into a stacked bob....and straighteners weren't popular yet! Thanks again, Mom

Worst fashion decision you ever made?

Gauchos with a wide belt and ballet flats. It still makes me cringe!

An outfit you wore as a teenager that you still love?

My junior prom dress! It was aqua with a fully stoned starburst down the whole side. It was from AAM too!

A fashion trend that you hope never returns?

Gauchos with a wide belt and ballet flats!

Favorite part about your job?

I truly love everything about it, but it is so fulfilling when a customer comes in searching for their perfect outfit and trusts us to help them find it. Watching them leave feeling confident + beautiful is genuinely exciting. Some people say, "It's just clothes," but when you experience those moments, you realize it means more than that to them!

Career you would want if this one were not an option?

A news anchor! Straight out of high school, before pursuing a career in fashion, I was in college for Broadcast Journalism.

Memory you have from your first day at All About Me?

Wondering how my coworkers could walk around in heels all day without sitting down or walking like a baby giraffe by the end of the day!

Why do you love All About Me?

All About Me is my baby! Long before I owned AAM, it always felt like home. From the team, past + present, down to the customers, many who have become more like family, it has always been a constant and has played a major role in my journey! It has given me a place to direct my creativity + passion and still allow me to provide for my family, my team and my customers.  I love it for so many reasons, but it is just simply, my happy place. 


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