If You Really Want to Know...About Sarah


Favorite Food?

Anything Italian!

Favorite Movie?

I am a rom-com lover! Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Favorite TV Show?

Gilmore Girls

Favorite Vacation Destination?

Savannah, GA

Celebrity Crush?

Paul Rudd

Best/Worst Quality?

According to my significant other, I am caring, but neurotic!



If your friends had to describe you in 3 words, what would they say?

The planner, an old lady (I like to stay home), quiet (until I. have some martinis)

Proudest accomplishment so far in life?

My sweet, weird little family!

What would an ideal, average day look like?

In a perfect world- laying in my pool without interruption. Realistically, it's telling my dogs, "No!" and "Stop!" 1000 times per day, being asked, "What's for dinner?!" and convincing myself not to spend more money on clothes, but doing it anyway,

How do you like spending your free time?

It usually involved food in some way- eating, cooking, baking, or going to brunch.

#1 on your bucket list?

A vacation to Italy and baking someone's wedding cake.

Best or most memorable birthday you have ever had?

My 24th birthday! My Mom and I went to Los Angeles and partied with a Fleetwood Mac cover band!

A time that made you feel old?

I recently had someone ask me what to wear to a 2000s themed party!!!


Your go-to dance move?

I don't normally dance, but if I've had a few drinks, it gets real embarrassing, real fast.

Most awkward moment?

I am naturally an awkward person, so that happens pretty much everyday!


If you could create a group/club for anything, what would it be?

A Supper Club.I love to cook + plan menus for every occasion. 

Worst hair decision you ever made?

The Kelly Clarkson blonde, red + black chunky highlights.

Worst fashion decision you ever made?

Layered polos! And wearing studded belts that did not actually hold anything up.

An outfit you wore as a teenager that you still love?

My junior prom dress! If I was still a size 2, I would still wear it.

A fashion trend that you hope never returns?

Low rise jeans.

Favorite part about your job?

Working with women who are passionate about helping other women look + feel their best!

Career you would want if this one were not an option?

A food/baking blogger or, a country singer, if I could actually sing.

Memory you have from your first day at All About Me?

My first weekend when the front doors were open and we had a four-legged visitor, unexpectedly, stroll in. #IYKYK

Why do you love All About Me?

Working with Leanne + Erica! (No, seriously, they didn't pay me to say that!) I love their energy. Even the hard days are still fun!


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